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Import your estimate data and quickly build a master schedule in Gantt chart form.

We will organize your estimate by phase of construction and tasks.

From there, your project manager only needs to organize the tasks in the order they envisions building the project and the master schedule will be built automatically. By selecting the crew size for each task the program will adjust the task duration using actual estimate data. Fine tune start dates for tasks and you’re done. The master schedule acts as a to do list for your site supervisor. Two-week rolling schedules can be written for each member of the crew in a matter of minutes.

Deadly accurate individual employee schedules telling them what tasks to work on, when to work on them and how long they have to complete them.

A time reporting system that documents individual employee progress against the actual estimate budget broken down and recorded by your cost codes.

If you want to produce consistent profits on competitively bid projects, you have to break the estimate down into manageable tasks that can be assigned to individual workers with specific time limits as dictated by the estimate. Once these tasks are assigned to each worker you need a way to track their progress against these tasks so that you can keep a close eye on the daily health of the estimate budget. In essence, what we are saying is, if you want individual workers to build a project at a pace that matches your estimate rate, those individual workers need to know what that rate of installation is and then be held accountable to it.

Manpower Loading

Our manpower loading chart will forecast an accurate snapshot of daily manpower requirements for every day of the project.

Equipment Tracking

Track rental equipment by task and time on job. Forecast the labor required to remove equipment before it runs into a new monthly rental cycle.


Use estimate data to forecast completion dates or manpower requirements for any portion of the project.

Cost Tracking

Track virtually any construction cost including materials, rental equipment, per diem, etc.

Time Card Reporting

Simple cloud timecard entry captures actual task completion time frames and compares them to estimate data to provide accurate daily cost tracking.

Payroll Reporting

Employees can enter time via smart phone or tablet making payroll reporting an easy task. At the end of the pay period simply print out payroll report.

Import File

Import estimate data right from your estimating program or spreadsheet.

Purchase Orders

Write, issue and track purchase orders right from the program complete with your company logo.

Most contractors agree that labor is the most difficult expense to manage.

We will help you with that by telling you who is making you money, who isn’t, and who needs training so they can.

Accountability at every level.

All your tools in one place.

Everything you need to keep projects on track and build profitability.

Estimateguard is designed to provide accountability at every level of your business. Assigning tasks to field workers with time constraints based on your estimate holds them accountable to the estimate goal. Documented labor per task holds the estimator accountable for accuracy. On time delivery of critical material based on the master schedule holds the project management team accountable. Data collected through the entire process helps fine tune future estimates for accuracy and quickly builds your competitive edge.

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