Urgent or Important?

This week I would like to discuss goal setting and time management. Both go hand in hand, are very important to your success and in my opinion are very similar in their execution as they apply to building a project. If goal setting is the road you will take to arrive at the end of your project, time management will … Read More

Estimate Goals

Early in my career, I was always bothered by the disconnect between the estimating process and actual project management. How could a company expect their electricians to complete a project within the estimated budget if the crew didn’t understand the estimate requirements? A trained estimator would sit in an office and create a takeoff utilizing time-tested methods aimed at winning … Read More

Is Everyone Accountable In Your Company?

My son was on his high school wrestling team for 4 years. During that time, I believe I only missed one or maybe two of his meets. I loved to watch that kid compete. He wasn’t the best, but he was really good and even brought home a 4th place finish in the state tournaments one year. It was really … Read More

Estimateguard wins 2 prestigious construction management software awards

It is no secret that construction startups find it difficult to make a breakthrough in the big player B2B arena, and hence rely on expert evaluation to promote the functionality they offer much more compared to established providers. Because of this, we feel more than happy to announce our first expert review and great productivity award prepared for us by … Read More

Meet the Labor Unit

If you are going to manage a project and assume responsibility for meeting the estimate budget, you need to understand how that budget was created. Specifically, you need to understand your labor budget. There are many different ways to compile an estimate. Depending on the type of construction and your company’s level of detail, estimates could be calculated as a … Read More

Do Your Dollars Make Sense?

Running a project means doing your part to manage the budget for that project. Decisions you will make are going to affect the financial outcome of the project. In order to do your part to help manage these budgets, you need to know what the budgets are. Some companies may not be accustom to giving this informationup,, but if you … Read More

Will OSHA Write Violations on Your Project?

Let’s take a minute to talk about safety. Depending on how well the company you work for is funded and set up, you may or may not have a safety officer in your ranks. Either way, you will most likely be responsible for a good portion of the daily safety monitoring on your project and you certainly need to set … Read More